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Private Investigator Vancouver, Private Detective Vancouver, Private Investigator Alberta
The staff at Lodge & Associates Investigations Ltd. have attained employment after meeting a high criteria of selection standards. As a result, we have an experienced, highly-educated staff, comprised of a variety of ethnic and advanced educational backgrounds. Our firm has conducted in excess of 15,000 disability claims investigations with an established record of results.

Knowledgeable, highly-educated, and experienced investigators working within the confines of the law guarantee you legally obtained and admissible evidence, allowing for informed decisions. All investigations are constantly monitored by senior investigative staff as to preserve the integrity of the investigations. Case organization and professional reporting of investigative results mean that your trial, settlement conferences, or decisions to terminate benefits will be conducted with all pertinent information available to you and your trial managers. Our detailed reports come in court admissible format.

Lodge & Associates Investigations Ltd. offers specialized and general services relating to:

-Video Surveillance Operations
-Cyber Investigations
-Interviews, Statements & Inquiries
-Background Investigations & Employee Conduct Investigations
-Trademark Investigations
-Elderly Abuse Investigations
-Public Records Checks


Lodge and Associates Investigations: 604-671-6715
Investigator Lodge, call or text: 604-830-2355


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